Academic Excellence In Nigeria


This piece is compiled by Naijassador and directed to those in school who are still students, either in high school or college, currently pursuing a diploma, degree, master’s or even PhD, this is a helpful read and should be consumed intentionally.

Academics is all that has to do with school and schooling, in the school several subjects are being taught, while in the university several courses are been looked at; and so to excel academically, there are laid down principles, rules and guidelines that need to be put in place to ensure that one comes out with flying colours.

For one to attain the feat of academic excellence, these laid down rules and principles must be obeyed and followed intentionally and with all manner of urgency and readiness, not all persons are been able to attain academic excellence, it’s only for the selected few, these few are those persons who are willing and able to put in all work and efforts to see that they succeed and that they come out with the best of grades and results.

In a few paragraphs, I’m going to be explaining those actionable steps and actions that need to be in place for one to excel academically they are:

1. Attend all lectures

Those who want to pass and excel academically without regularly attending lectures are like those who think they will look healthy and fresh without eating good food, it just would not work at all; so, one stepping stone to academic success is to attend lectures, not just some but all!

It is one thing to attend lectures and yet another to pay keen attention when the lecturer/teacher is teaching, the truth is you won’t excel if you don’t understand what the teacher/lecturer is teaching or has taught, and so to excel you have to attend lectures and not just attend lectures but paying keen attending in class and participating fully in all works, assessments and exams; active participation!

2. Be studios

Being studios simply means, inculcating the reading habit, it is you being able to keep yourself updated and informed with the latest topical updates in class, those who are studios are always ready to be tested in case of examination and they always come out good.

Reading does not necessarily result in excelling academically, but reading the right materials at the right time, with the right association and the reading to truly understand and not just cramming.

It is only those that are studios that will be highly informed and it is only those that are highly informed that will excel with ease.

3. Right association

No man is an island, and so to achieve high and excellent results, it’s expedient that one moves with high achievers and excellent people, not only will these help channel your focus, but they will also help make things easier and better for you.

Most often one is been described based and the quality of his or her association that is the people he listens to and moves with, these will make a huge impact in the lives of these persons and will in no little way help catapult them into a better and healthier life. The right association pays a lot, look for it, cherish it, nurture it and sustain it, ones its good then it’s worth keeping.

Although possibilities are there that one, associating with these might bring in a lot of issues, problems and misunderstanding, and so in these cases, it’s paramount that one knows how to handle and resolve all conflicts, arguments, betrayal and quarrelling that exist as a result of association.

4. Right materials

I did make mention of being studios, to excel, well while these are important it is expedient to take note that it is one thing to read and then the other to read the right materials; one can be busy and then be busy doing nothing. Get the correct materials from the right source and then maximize them judiciously.

Truth be told one cannot excel well, except being acquainted with the right and necessary materials, these will help propel your growth as a student and also an individual, now this is why it’s important to mingle with the right association, who in turn will help you get your hands on the right materials.

And so, to conclude this write-up it is paramount that we note that success does not just come easily, one needs to put in the work and necessary effort to make it come to being. Stay cheerful.

Written by Elisha Bamaiyi.


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