About Oyingbo Market


Oyingbo is pretty known for fresh foodstuff and food ingredients. The Market comes alive in the morning and that is usually the best time to go there. It is located in Ebutte-Metta, and it has proximity to Island, Surulere, Orile, and Yaba residents.

Oyingbo Market was established during the early 1920s as a depot for agricultural produce. The Market gradually expanded due to developments around the Oyingbo, Ebute Metta and Lagos Mainland regions.

In the 1930s, traders from Apapa Road were moved to Oyingbo Market to further boost the size of the Market with the view of making it a major commercial Centre that would attract customers from every part of Nigeria

The Market was upgraded to an ultramodern complex in 2015 by Governor Raji Fashola’s administration. It is one of the oldest and busiest markets in Lagos thereby contributing a large quota to the economy of the state, the Market has four schedules.

3 am

Traders that deal with vegetables come to trade in the early hours of the day. It is the best time to get Vegetables like Pumpkin leaves amongst others in large quantities.

5 am

This is the best time to get foodstuffs like Crayfish, Fish, Snails, dried Meat, Melons, etc. at cheaper rates.

7 am

This is the market peak period although u can still get foodstuffs at cheap prices, the costs are higher as compared to the prices given at dawn

6 pm

You can get things cheap but most times it is usually foodstuff sellers are trying to get rid of before they go bad.

 I hope this article from Naijassador helps you know more about Oyingbo Market.


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