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Aminu is a Nigerian lawyer, Politician, Senator, and an active member of the PDP political party.

 Aminu is a Nigerian lawyer, Politician, Senator, and an active member of the PDP political party.

Early life

Aminu was born on the 10th of January 1966, in a small town in Sokoto State, Tambuwal. He was born into a Hausa home and family, to Mr and Mrs Waziri Tambuwal.


Aminu obtained his Primary education at Tambuwal Primary School. He graduated in 1979 and proceeded to Government Teachers College, Dogon Daji, where he got a Teachers Grade 11 certificate in 1984. After obtaining the Grade 11 certificate, he continued his education and went to the University. He had his institutional education at Usman Dan Fodio University located in Sokoto.

There he studied law and graduated with a LLB degree in 1991. Then he proceeded to law school where he participated in the one-year mandatory legal studies at the Nigerian Law School. After the training, he got his BL and was called to Bar in 1992.

Aminu did not stop his educational journey after being called to the Bar. He went on to study other courses abroad such as Telecoms, Regulatory Master Class Bath UK, Law-making for the Communications Sectors, BMIT, Johannesburg, South Africa, Regulating a Competitive Industry-UK, Brussels, Tulane University International Legislative Drafting, Stanford Graduate School of Business Influence and Negotiation, and KSG Harvard Infrastructure in Market Economy.


Aminu began his Political career in 1999. He started as a personal assistant to Abdullahi Wali, who was a Senator in 1999. He continued serving as a perfect assistant until 2003 when he decided to run for a legislative seat. He ran for the representative seat of Kebbe/Tambuwal Federal Constituency. He won the election and was made the Representative he wanted to be, he made this achievement under ANPP, All Nigeria Peoples Party.

Aminu remained in ANPP until 2007, then switched parties to DDP, the Democratic People’s Party. Unfortunately for Aminu, DDP denied him access to the party and he returned to ANPP. Aminu remained in ANPP for a few months, that was until Alhaji Aliyu Wamakko left the party for PDP, and Aminu did likewise.   But before Aminu defected to another party, he held several positions in ANPP, such as the Minority Leader of the House and the Deputy Chief Whip.

During Aminu ‘s time in Politics and switching parties, he served in some capacities and became a member of a few committees, and the committees are the House Committees on Rules & Business, Communications, Judiciary, Inter-Parliamentary, and Water Resources. He was also a member of the House Ad Hoc Committee on Constitution Review.

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Aminu became Chairman of the ad hoc committee and his job was to review reports of the controversial power probe committee that was led by Ndudi Elemelu, who was the chairman of the House Sub Committee. The reports were based on the Act to Amend the Land Use Act. Aminu was also the leader of the Nigerian delegation to the African, Caribbean, Pacific, and European Union Parliamentary Assembly. He also served as the Vice-chairman of the Economic Committee ACP-EU, held in Prague, Czech Republic in April 2009.

On the 28th of October 2014, Tambuwal switched parties from PDP to its opposing party, APC. A few days after his switch, his details were withdrawn by the Inspector General of Police. This move was criticized and ridiculed by Nigerians as it was seen to be uncalled for and unconstitutional.

The dignitary, Mr Olisa Agbakogba, had the conviction that the police weren’t serious about investigating Tambuwal ‘s case, and they further escalated the matter by interpreting and applying the law, which was not their job.

After the tiny incident and scandal were duly resolved Aminu continued pushing his Political ambitions. He contested for the Governorship position in Sokoto State in April of 2015 and won. Following his win was his inauguration on the 29th of May 2015.

On the 1st of August 2018, Aminu switched political parties and left the All Progressive Congress (APC) to join the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). In the gubernatorial election held on the 9th of March 2019, and the supplementary election held on March 22, 2019, Tambuwal was re-elected as the governor of Sokoto State with 512,002 votes, while his opponent Mr Aliyu from the All Progressive Congress received 511,660 votes. Aminu won the gubernatorial election with a 342-vote difference from his opponent.

In October 2018, Aminu announced his bid for the presidency, citing the need to “revive the dying economy” as his motivation for seeking the highest position. His announcement came just hours after Bukola Saraki, the Senate President, officially entered the race to become the nominee for the main opposition party, PDP.

Aminu was one of the 12 candidates who contested for the PDP presidential nomination, four of whom were from his northwestern region. He was very popular in the race and was considered one of the top four candidates (alongside Atiku Abubakar, Rabiu Kwankwaso, and Bukola Saraki) expected to win based on political achievements, drive, and experience.

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Several factors, such as his young age compared to other contesting politicians, political experience, and clean records from corruption allegations, improved his chances of winning the primary election. Analysts predicted that if Aminu won the PDP ticket, he would pose a significant challenge to the also contesting President Muhammadu Buhari, a northern Muslim who was seeking to be re-elected into the presidential seat.

During the 2018 primary elections for the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State was a strong supporter of Tambuwal’s campaign. However, there were certain worries that Wike’s support was motivated by his desire to become Tambuwal’s running mate if he won the nomination. Some other aspirants had suspicions that Wike was planning to manipulate the primary results in favor of Tambuwal, based on the fact that he had strong influence over the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC). Wike, who had played a key role in the appointment of the party’s Chairman, Uche Secondus, was also the party’s largest and strongest financial supporter. Furthermore, the primary elections were scheduled to take place in Rivers State, where Wike had a strong influence on power and political activities.

Some presidential aspirants requested that the National Working Committee move the convention to a new location where Wike would have less influence, to prevent any funny business or partiality in the conduction of the primary elections. However, Wike threatened to divide the party if the convention was moved out of Rivers State. Despite the concerns and worries of other presidential candidates, the primary election was conducted in Port Harcourt on October 6, 2018, with Atiku Abubakar winning with 1,532 votes. Tambuwal came in second with 693 votes, while Bukola Saraki and Rabiu Kwankwaso scored 317 and 158 votes, respectively.

Aminu was elected as the Chairman Senate Committee on Housing of the 10th Senate. He got elected into this position on the 8th of August 2023.

Other professional fields

Tambuwal’s affiliation with the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) has been marked by his unwavering and active participation over the years.

  • Member of the Nigerian Bar Association
  • Public Relations Officer, The Nigerian Bar Association (1996-1997)
  • Member, Constitution Review Committee of the Nigerian Bar Association (1997-1998)
  • Sokoto Branch Secretary, Nigerian Bar Association (1997-1998)
  • Assistant National Financial Secretary of the Nigerian Bar Association (1998-2000)
  • First Assistant National Secretary of the Nigerian Bar Association (2000-2002)
  • Member, Body of Benchers Nigeria
  • Member, International Bar Association
  • Member, American Bar Association
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Ever since Aminu joined politics in 2003, he has quietly been making changes and helping the society grow and expand its wings in different sectors of life. The achievements expanded and were vividly seen and noticed when he was elected governor in 2015, Aminu has been effectively fighting against poverty, injustice, and underdevelopment in the state. He has transformed lives and the landscape of the seat of the Caliphate.

Unfortunately, and because most of his good deeds to society are done and conducted quietly, most of these go unnoticed, and the due recognition and thanks that should be given to Aminu are taken lightly.

Because most of Aminu‘s philanthropic deeds are noiseless, most of his political opponents and onlookers wonder why his Governorship tenor is so successful, together with the advancement and progress of the State, coupled with the fact that the state has minimal resources received from the federal government and tough economy Country is facing.  This further proved that Aminu is not only diligent in his work but also capable.

His good governance was shown again in 2020 when the announcement of the 2020 budget was made, the governor of Sokoto State promised the people that he would implement policies and programs that would address their needs and necessities. The budget’s main focus was to ensure sustainable economic development by investing in critical sectors.

One such initiative is the allocation of N4 billion as grants (not loans) to 1,000 individuals in each of the state’s 22 local government areas. The grant of N20,000 per beneficiary is meant to support their small-scale businesses, and both men and women will benefit equally, with 500 people from each group gender.  As of now, the grant has been distributed to 2,000 individuals in Gudu and Isa local government areas.

This proved yet again that Aminu Tambuwal is a man after the welfare and being of his people, and the people of Sokoto are lucky to have him.

Net worth

Aminu has an estimated net worth of about $22 million, which is an estimated amount of N10 billion naira.

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Written by Dike Ijeoma


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