Facebook Founder, Mark Zuckerberg has called on the people of the world to unite against terrorism towards achieving freedom for all.

Zuckerberg who posted the message on his Facebook wall said:

“You can’t kill an idea.

“It’s inspiring to see the videos of more than two million people of all religions, ages, ethnicities and backgrounds come together to march in unity.

“As long as we are connected, then no attacks by extremists — not in Nigeria, not in Pakistan, not in the Middle East and not in France — can stand in the way of history’s arc towards freedom and acceptance for all”.

The 30-year old techie got thosands of response from his friends on the social networking site with one particular comment from a certain Dwayne Mathes who pointed out that the number of people killed in France cannot be compared to the number of people killed in Baga, Borno state, Nigeria.

He wrote:Here’s an idea… Boko Haram has to be stopped by all means necessary! And you have enough influence to make some noise about it. Thank you in advance for your attention to this atrocity. 17 in France is deplorable but 2000 women and children included is in fathomable”.

Zuckerberg responded saying: ” I agree. Boko Haram is terrible and we need to stop their atrocities”.

It will be recalled that 2 months back, Zuckerberg’s Facebook revealed that they will release an Ebola button as fight against the virus seems  to be not going as planned.