8 Nigerian Celebrities Whose Children Are Also In The Entertainment Industry


Nigeria’s entertainment industry is vibrant and dynamic, producing some of the continent’s biggest stars in music, film, and television. Interestingly, many of these celebrities have children who are following in their footsteps and making waves of their own. In this article from Naijassador, we will take a closer look at eight Nigerian celebrities whose children are carving out their paths in the entertainment world.

1. Femi Kuti and Made Kuti

Femi Kuti, the eldest son of Afrobeat legend Fela Kuti, is an internationally renowned musician known for his saxophone skills and socially conscious music. Following in his father’s footsteps, Femi’s son, Made Kuti, has emerged as a talented musician in his own right. Made plays multiple instruments, sings, and produces music that combines Afrobeat with contemporary influences. Femi learned from the master, playing saxophone and performing alongside his father from a young age. After Fela’s passing, Femi took the reins of Positive Force, continuing the politically charged Afrobeat legacy.

Femi’s electrifying live shows and unwavering commitment to social justice have garnered him international acclaim. The youngest son of Femi Kuti, Made carries the Afrobeat baton into the future. He started drumming at seven and now performs with his father’s band. Made also leads his group, Made Kuti & The Movement, experimenting with Afrobeat’s sonic palette while staying true to its revolutionary spirit. Together, Femi and Made Kuti ensure the powerful legacy of Afrobeat continues to resonate globally.

2. Mercy Aigbe and Michelle Aigbe

Aigbe is a popular Nigerian actress, filmmaker, and fashion entrepreneur known for her roles in Yoruba-language films and mainstream Nollywood productions. Beyond acting, she has ventured into fashion, establishing her clothing line and becoming a style icon in the Nigerian entertainment industry. Michelle Aigbe, the daughter of Mercy Aigbe, has also stepped into the limelight, showcasing her budding talent as an actress and model. With a strong presence on social media, Michelle has garnered attention for her fashion sense and poised demeanour. As she continues to explore her passion for entertainment, Michelle Aigbe is carving out her path in the industry, following in the footsteps of her successful mother while bringing her unique flair and creativity to the forefront.

3. Ayo Makun (AY) and Michelle Makun

Ayo Makun, widely known as AY, is a prominent Nigerian comedian, actor, and filmmaker celebrated for his comedic prowess and successful movies. AY’s career has seen him rise to become one of the most recognizable faces in Nigerian entertainment, with a string of hit comedy shows and movies to his name. Beyond his comedic talents, AY is also known for his philanthropy and advocacy work, using his platform to support various charitable causes. Michelle Makun, AY’s daughter, has begun to make her mark in the entertainment industry. She has shown early promise as an actress and model, displaying talent and style reminiscent of her father’s charismatic presence. Michelle’s foray into entertainment reflects the Makun family’s deep-rooted passion for the arts and creativity, paving the way for her to carve out her successful career path in the Nigerian entertainment landscape.

4. Liz Benson and Lilian Etim

Liz Benson, a household name in Nigeria, is a veteran actress who rose to fame in the 1990s with Nollywood classics like “Fortunes” and “Glamour Girls.” Her talent and strong screen presence made her a beloved figure in the Nigerian film industry. Beyond her acting career, Liz Benson is also a proud mother. Her daughter, Lilian Etim, has carved her path within the Nollywood family. Lilian followed in her mother’s footsteps, though news reports suggest she opted for a more low-key approach compared to Liz’s stardom. In 2017, Lilian’s traditional wedding ceremony garnered attention, highlighting the strong mother-daughter bond and the continuation of a Nollywood legacy.

5. Peter Okoye and Cameron Okoye

Peter Okoye, also known as Mr. P, is a force in the Nigerian music industry. One half of the iconic P-Square duo alongside his twin brother, Peter is a celebrated singer, dancer, and songwriter. Their infectious music and energetic performances propelled them to Afrobeats stardom. While Peter continues to enjoy musical success, his son, Cameron Okoye, is charting a different course. At a young age, Cameron has captured hearts with his footballing skills. Videos showcasing his impressive footwork and goal-scoring talents have gone viral, sparking comparisons to his father’s unfulfilled footballing dreams. Whether Cameron pursues a professional football career or embraces another path, he is sure to carve his own unique story.

6. Iyabo Ojo and Priscilla Ojo

Iyabo Ojo is a force to be reckoned with in the Nigerian film industry, Nollywood. A successful actress and producer, she’s captivated audiences for years. But her influence extends beyond the screen. Her daughter, Priscilla Ojo, has emerged as a social media star and entrepreneur. Priscilla, born when Iyabo was just 23, has carved her path. She boasts a large social media following and has ventured into business ownership. Their dynamic duo is often seen on red carpets and on social media, showcasing their strong bond and mutual support. Iyabo is a vocal advocate for her daughter’s endeavours, while Priscilla celebrates her mother’s achievements. Together, they represent a powerful example of a successful and supportive family unit in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

7. Toyin Adewale and Mayorkun

In the Nigerian entertainment scene, a unique family bond shines brightly. Toyin Adewale, a veteran actress in Nollywood, has carved a space for herself with her captivating performances. Interestingly, her son, Adewale Mayowa Emmanuel, better known as Mayorkun, is a music superstar. Mayorkun, known for his catchy Afropop tunes, has become a household name. However, he initially kept his famous mother’s identity under wraps, preferring to be recognized for his talent. Despite initial reservations about his music career, Toyin Adewale is now her son’s biggest cheerleader, actively following his success and offering unwavering support. Their story exemplifies the enduring power of family and the pursuit of individual dreams.

8. Shaffy Bello and Ashton Akinrimisi

Shaffy Bello, a multi-talented Nigerian singer and actress, has carved her path in the entertainment industry. But her fame extends beyond her achievements. Her son, Ashton has emerged as a successful fashion model, creating a unique family dynamic. Starting his modelling career in his teens has graced runways and campaigns for prominent Nigerian and international brands. Despite his burgeoning career, he remains grounded, often expressing his admiration for his mother’s work ethic and dedication to her craft. Shaffy, in turn, is a vocal supporter of her son’s endeavours, celebrating his achievements while offering guidance.


These Nigerian celebrities and their children represent a new generation of talent in the country’s entertainment industry. From music to acting and beyond, these young individuals are making names for themselves while honouring the legacies of their famous parents. As they continue to grow and evolve in their respective careers, they contribute to the richness and diversity of Nigerian entertainment, inspiring future generations to pursue their passions fearlessly.

Written by: Sarah Aboje


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