8 Kid-Friendly Spots To Visit In Nigeria


Nigeria, an energetic and diverse nation in West Africa, has a multitude of prospects for family fun and exploration. From vibrant cities to quiet natural settings, Nigeria offers something to interest each member of the family. Prepare to learn about eight kid-friendly choices. Take a look at some of the eight fantastic kid-friendly spots to visit while on holiday according to Naijassador.

1. Lekki Conservation Centre (LCC), Lagos

Situated in Lagos, Lekki Conservation Center is a great place for both nature lovers and families. It has the longest canopy walkway in Africa where kids can admire the green expanse and the numerous birds flying by. Moreover, there is a playground, and picnic space, and the center offers courses targeting wildlife protection and life, which would be both fun and informative.

2. Jos Wildlife Park, Plateau

Jos Wildlife Park is located in Plateau State, and those who love nature can look forward to visiting the park. There are many types of animals in the park, including lions, giraffes, elephants, and different bird species. The park is large enough to offer organised tours for families, picnics, and overnight stays in its lodging facilities, where children can interact with wildlife safely.

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3. Yankari Game Reserve, Bauchi

Yankari Game Reserve in Bauchi State is another place that attracts fans of wildlife. It is distinguished by elephants, hippos, buffaloes, and antelopes living there being widely popular. Going on a safari ride, families can also enjoy swimming in natural springs and learn more about animals’ protection measures, as well as create a wonderful and teaching adventure for kids.

4. National Children’s Park and Zoo, Abuja

The National Children’s Park and Zoo in the country’s capital, Abuja, is the perfect place for families to spend the day. The park features an animal display, a playground, a train ride, and educational events on the benefits of environmental conservation and wildlife protection. It is a fun location for the children to learn about animals and the environment!

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5. Tarkwa Bay Beach, Lagos

Tarkwa Bay Beach in Lagos Nigeria is an excellent place for families to relax and get some sunshine. The beach is famous for its calm sea, which is relatively safe for children to swim in and play. Furthermore, families may engage in various water activities and relax on the sand while admiring the view.

6. Agodi Gardens, Ibadan

Located in Ibadan, Agodi Gardens provides visitors with relaxation within garden settings and entertainment. Botanica gardens are spread across a vast garden where one can walk through different pathways and enjoy shared activities such as paddle boating and horseback riding. Additionally, the garden provides play areas and areas where visiting families can rest and share meals with their children.

7. Rufus & Bee, Lagos

Get ready to spend a fun-filled day with the family at Rufus & Bee. Whether it is a gaming arcade, facilities to go bowling with the kids, or a sports bar for the parents to relax while keeping an eye on the children, the complex has it all. The restaurant at Rufus & Bee will take care of your meals in between the fun activities.

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8. Omu Resort, Lagos

Omu Resort, located in the heart of nature, is where fun meets learning. Take a stroll at the mini-zoo and interact with exciting animals or race around the go-kart tracks. Join a bandwagon of equestrians or visit the resort’s water park, catered with both slides and pools. This waterpark-themed location is guaranteed to provide a splashtastic experience throughout the whole day.

In Conclusion,

These eight child-friendly destinations in Nigeria will allow parents and their children to experience the country’s rich cultural history, wildlife diversity, and natural beauty. Whether visiting natural rock formations, seeing wildlife in protected areas, or going on a beach vacation, Nigeria is full of great family-friendly places for adventures and fun.

Written by Sarah Aboje


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