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#71: Have Nigerians Suddenly Forgotten About The ‘Younger Presidential Candidates’? 

#71: Have Nigerians Suddenly Forgotten About The ‘Younger Presidential Candidates’?

Last year, Nigerians seemed to have been tired of the old political guard. This can be said to be connected with the general situation in the country where people feel the older politicians have given their all with nothing else to offer.

Then we saw the rise in the number of younger people who will like to stake their claim to the highest office in the land. There were the likes of Kingsley Moghalu, Omoyele Sowore, Fela Durotoye, Donald Duke, Oby Ezekewsili amongst others. 

Nigerians from different walks of life rallied around some of these candidates and even went as far as going on public TV to insist that the old guard should retire. 

However, all that seems to be in the past. With the decision of President Buhari to seek re-election and the entrant of former vice-president into the fray, having decamped from the ruling APC, Nigerians have so quickly forgotten about these ‘young candidates’. 

Everyone is either now talking about Buhari vs Atiku or APC vs PDP. The younger ones are no longer relevant. Even the religious leaders are standing behind either of these candidates.

What exactly is the problem? Is it that the parties (APC and PDP) are too big to be overtaken? Why is it that there has been no party that has been able to give them a run for their money? Are the young candidates also to blame? Are they really playing to the gallery?  Some Nigerians outside the cities are not even aware of these fellows. Are they just ‘testing the waters’? 

Finally, are Nigerians themselves just hypocritical with the clamor for a better nation? Are they too docile to seek the much-needed change? 

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