7 Nigerian Celebrities Above The Age Of 50 And Still Look Young


Nollywood which has been dubbed the third-best film industry in the world is a medley of talent. A select few of these actors at times break time capsules and have eternal youth imprinted over their faces as they gracefully step into their fifties and beyond. Naijassador celebrates seven of these Nollywood veterans whose age just refuses to shine on them as they still look as stunning and ageless as they have always been.

Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD) (62 years)

Despite his value turning 62, he has a younger feel thanks to his contagious smile and his dress code. Not to mention, his passion for an active life and an energetic approach to fitness are exemplary for ageing healthily. RMD’s prowess as an actor has kept him going, always giving top-level performances that keep his fans glued.

Joke Silva (62 years)

One of Nigeria’s leading actresses, Joke Silva remains a role model to both young and old and aspiring actors. Distinguished and forever beautiful, 62-year-old Joke remains a staple in theatre and cinema alike. It was a career and legacy that made its mark on the industry, her lengthy filmography and her dedication to developing a new generation of talent cemented that idea.

Yomi Fash-Lanso (56 years)

The Nollywood heartthrob is over 50 and still with a youthful charm. His commitment to training, plus that inimitable smile, means that he still looks fresh on screen. Yomi, who has demonstrated skill in playing several characters easily and deeply, is a star amongst both actors and viewers of Nollywood.

Kate Henshaw (52 years)

Known for her timeless beauty and great personality, Kate Henshaw is a role model for healthy living. In her 52, she has still managed to keep a positive attitude and that youthful glow that always reflects well on-screen. This Nollywood sweetheart is a true fitness and fitness enthusiast, and her acting abilities have transformed her into a role model for countless women, and that is special.

Ramsey Nouah (53 years)

Ramsey Nouah: A list of ageless Nollywood actors is not enough without Ramsey Nouah. He is still handsome and talented at 53. An actor who, with classic looks and complex characterization in equal measure, has become an enduring and versatile presence in the industry.

Sola Sobowale (58 years)

The ageless vibrancy of Sola Sobowale is compelling enough to grab the audience, a quality that sets her apart from the rest. At 58, her towering figure and riveting portrayals of an array of roles set her apart in Nigerian cinema — or Nollywood as it is known. This dedication to her work is shown in every one of the roles she chooses to play.

Femi Branch (54 years)

Femi Branch is a veteran and a versatile actor who is known for his diverse acting skills and top-notch performance in Nollywood. He also makes the list of our top 7 veterans as he defies age with his looks and youthful energy. Femi continues to bring life to every character he plays with undeniable charisma.


These seven actors are a testament to the fact that age is just a number. Their dedication to healthy living, unwavering passion for their craft, and inner glow contribute to their timeless beauty and enduring success. They continue to inspire fans not just with their talent but also with their ability to age gracefully and embrace life with joy. As Nollywood continues to grow, these veterans remain shining examples of excellence and longevity in the industry.

Written by Sarah Aboje


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