7 Controversial Nigerian Celebrities


Nigeria’s entertainment scene is a vibrant tapestry, woven with talented artists, actors, and personalities. But alongside the glitz and glamour comes a healthy dose of drama. Here, we delve into seven Nigerian celebrities who have a knack for sparking controversy as handpicked by Naijassador.

Yul Edochie

 Yul Edochie, a prominent Nollywood actor, has garnered fame for his talent and controversy. Following in his father, Pete Edochie’s, footsteps, Yul carved a niche playing leading roles in films like “Wind of Glory.” However, in 2022, he ignited a firestorm by announcing a second wife and child. This challenged social norms in Nigeria, particularly his clean-cut image. While Edochie remains a successful actor, the controversy lingers, sparking public debate about polygamy and celebrity conduct.


Portable, the stage name of Habeeb Okikiola, is a Nigerian whirlwind. This street-hop musician shot to fame with “Zazu Zehh,” but notoriety often follows him. His unfiltered online rants and lyrics can be violent, sparking outrage. Public spats with collaborators and rumoured cult ties add to the drama. Portable walks a tightrope – pushing boundaries for attention while risking fan alienation. Despite the controversy, his catchy music and energetic performances keep him relevant. Love him or hate him, Portable is a force in Nigerian music, ensuring his name stays in the headlines.

Nkechi Blessing Sunday

Nkechi Blessing Sunday, a Nigerian actress and producer, carves her path with a fiery personality and bold choices. Born in 1989, she rose to fame not just for her acting in films like “The Ghost and the Tout,” but also for producing her movie, “Omoge Lekki.” Nkechi Blessing Sunday’s true fire lies on social media, where she shares unfiltered opinions on everything from social issues to celebrity feuds. This candour wins her fans who admire her authenticity but also lands her in hot water with those who find her brash and attention-seeking. Love her or hate her, Nkechi Blessing Sunday keeps the Nigerian entertainment scene buzzing.

Tonto Dikeh

Tonto Dikeh, a Nigerian powerhouse, is more than just an actress. Known for her fiery personality, she’s carved a path playing strong female characters on screen. But her real life is just as dramatic. Public battles with exes, controversial parenting choices, and outspoken social media rants have made her a fixture in tabloids. Despite the negativity, Dikeh boasts a loyal fanbase who admire her candour and strength. She’s also a humanitarian, founding The Tonto Dikeh Foundation. Love her or loathe her, Dikeh is a force to be reckoned with, sparking conversation and challenging stereotypes in Nigeria’s entertainment industry.

Denrele Edun

Denrele Edun, a multi-talented Nigerian force, has carved a path as a TV personality, actor, model, and dancer. Known for his flamboyant fashion that transcends gender norms, Edun is a red-carpet staple, turning heads with his daring outfits. This boldness extends to his career, where he has hosted numerous shows and dabbled in acting. However, Edun’s embrace of androgyny has sparked controversy in Nigeria’s social climate. While some celebrate him for shattering stereotypes and pushing boundaries, others find his style disrespectful to tradition. Despite the debate, Edun remains a successful entertainer, his charisma and talent undeniable. He is a testament to the evolving Nigerian entertainment scene, where individuality and self-expression are gaining ground.


Hushpuppi, born Ramon Olorunwa Abbas, was a Nigerian Instagram influencer who cultivated an image of extreme wealth. He flaunted designer clothes, luxury cars, and a lavish lifestyle, claiming to be a real estate developer. However, this facade crumbled in 2020 when he was arrested for international cybercrime. Hushpuppi’s undoing stemmed from a conspiracy to launder money via business email compromise scams. These elaborate frauds targeted individuals and organisations, with one attempt defrauding a law firm of a staggering $40 million. His case shone a light on the dark side of internet wealth and the lure of cybercrime. Sentenced to 11 years in the United States, Hushpuppi went from flamboyant influencer to convicted felon, leaving a cautionary tale about ill-gotten gains.


Bobrisky, born Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju, is a Nigerian transgender woman who has become a social media phenomenon and a lightning rod for controversy. Born male, Bobrisky rose to fame for her flamboyant social media presence, often defying conservative Nigerian gender norms. She has a massive following on platforms like Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram, and even gained viral fame for her signature dance. Openly transgender, Bobrisky’s journey has sparked debates about LGBTQ+ rights in Nigeria, where same-sex relationships are criminalized. Her luxurious lifestyle, rumoured surgeries, and outspoken personality constantly stir the pot, making her one of Nigeria’s most controversial yet undeniably influential figures. Bobrisky is presently serving jail time for mutilating naira notes


These are just a few of the Nigerian celebrities who keep the entertainment scene buzzing. Whether you love them or hate them, there’s no denying their ability to spark conversation and challenge the status quo. Their controversies highlight the complexities and evolving social landscape of Nigeria, where tradition grapples with modern trends.


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