#67: What Do You Make Out of All The Yearly Predictions That Nigerian Pastors Give At The Beginning of The Year?

At the beginning of each year, Nigerian pastors take to their podiums to reel out what God has revealed to them will happen in the course of the year.  

Many of the predictions have come to pass, however, some have said a lot more seem like mere political speculations especially in a country where politicking is the order of the day.

Last year, a pastor said he saw Former President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe dead. Mugabe is still alive.  

It is just the beginning of 2019 and many more Pastors, prophets and Imams have continued to give out their predictions. This time around a lot of them are contradictory. For example, while some have said President Buhari will win the 2019 presidential election, a few have said PDP will win. 

Are these men really hearing from God or some are mere speculators?

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