#66: What Exactly Is Dino Melaye Guilty Of And Why Is The Nigerian Police Looking For Him Or Is This Just Another Political Witch-hunt?

For some time now, Senator Dino Melaye, representing Kogi West (PDP), a former member of APC and a now-vocal critic of President Buhari has had his horns locked with the Nigerian Police. From allegations of kidnaps to murder, he has leveled almost everything against the IGP.

In the last 48 hours, there have been allegations of an ambush at his home and power supply to his home being cut off.

So what exactly is the Senator guilty of? Has he really committed anything or is this just another political jagbajantis?

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  • It is important to say that clear conscience fears no accusation….Some of our politicians these days, have decided to polite political arena with their bad behavior. Everyone knows that law has no respect of anyone. If the constitution did not give you immunity why then do you think police will not invite you to come and answer question if need be? You call yourself a distinguished senator and you’re behaving like common criminal, the same you jumped out of police vehicle, the same you failed to honor police invitation, if you are innocent why is it difficult for you to present yourself??? You keep saying no one can force you to support the candidate you do not like… Hmmmmm, I don’t think you have political popularity that can make PMB missed you….let us call a spade a spade,you are a disgrace to the country as a senator, and a disgrace to your people who voted for you.. You can only run but you can not hide…You are very good in playing to the gallery but your cup will soon full. You can go and hide on top of tree as usual,those of you who committed crime in the name of politics will not go unpunished… Soon and very soon,some of you bad politician will go into exile or better still go to jail..

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