#65: Should Atiku/PDP Be Bothered About Who Is On Buhari/APC Campaign Team Or Should Just Focus On Their Own Campaign?


News has emerged about the reaction of Atiku to the inclusion of certain personalities in the APC campaign team. This is especially due to the inclusion of names like Dangote and Otedola. 

According to naij.com, Atiku had said” “These people are businessmen, not politicians. These are the kind of people Nigerians expect to see in the economic management team because of what they have done for this country”. 

“He (Buhari) is simply out to blackmail them because, by the time they fund his campaign, he will turn around and call them corrupt businessmen. “Nigerians can now see for themselves what we have been talking about all this while and we call on them to vote out this grossly incompetent administration, whose stock in trade is blackmail of perceived enemies.” 

Do you think PDP have a right to complain about another party’s campaign list?

Drop your comments below. 

Source: naij.com


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