#62: Can You Believe What Obasanjo Said About Buhari?

According to The Punch Newspaper , former President Olusegun Obasanjo has reiterated why he is Buhari’s boss and that no matter which height Buhari gets to in life, he will always recognize him (Obasanjo) as his boss.

Says Obasanjo “I know Buhari and he, too, knows me.

“Till the day I die, Buhari will continue to address me as ‘Sir.’”.

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  • Baba Obasanjo knows what he is doing,he knows that PMB has 100% integrity which Baba himself can boast of,so for such an over bearing person like OBJ,he needs to identity with him so that world would give him a looking as the boss to Mr integrity.you know OBJ want to be relevant

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