6 Things Every Man Wants To Hear From A Woman



Whether you have just started dating or you are already married, there are some things that remain the same. The need to feel attractive, loved and appreciated is among them. Women are not the only beings who want these things! Men often like hearing pleasantries too.

Have a look at these six things you can always say to your man at any stage of your love:

1. “You look great.”

Guys also have some insecurities as well as you do. They want your appreciation of their looks from time to time. If your guy is going to a gym this is an especially good compliment.

2. “I love your (insert any body part).”

Sometimes it is better to get specific. The best phrase is “I love your you-know-what” (or whatever you can say without blushing). Men are very sensitive about their manly bits and they want to know that they are attractive.

3. “I love it when you (insert some action).”

Traditionally, men are the initiators. But it is great when you tell him what do you like. In fact, if you haven’t complimented him he might even think you don’t like what he’s doing. Surely, the more you tell him the more he’ll do.

4. “That woman has just checked you out.”

Such things can boost his self-confidence. It also tells him that you have just seen a woman looking at him, and you are not afraid to tell him about it. So it shows you as a confident person as well.

5. “You’re right, dear.”

Everyone likes to be right, and men are not an exception. And sometimes they really are. So don’t hesitate to tell him about it. Admit it, and he will feel better.

6. “Will you help me?”

Men like to feel themselves powerful and manly. Helping women with different stuff makes them feel more noble and masculine. You should not ask him to do some simple things you can easily do yourself. But if you do need some assistance, he will be glad to help you.


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