6 Famous Nigerian Celebrities Who Are Single Parents


The Nigerian entertainment industry glitters with stars, but some celebrities face the spotlight while juggling the responsibilities of single parenthood. These remarkable individuals navigate demanding careers while raising their children single-handedly, inspiring millions with their strength, resilience, and unwavering dedication. Let’s check out how they survive raising their children in this article from Naijassador.

1. Iyabo Ojo

Iyabo Ojo, a pillar of Nollywood, embodies resilience as a single parent. After a young divorce, she raised her two children, Priscilla and Festus, alone. Facing immense pressure and self-doubt, Iyabo persevered. She battled through financial struggles and emotional turmoil, all while shielding her children from the harsh realities. Through sheer determination, she carved a successful path in acting and business, becoming a role model for single mothers. Ojo’s journey is a testament to the unwavering love and strength that single parents possess. She continues to inspire many, proving that one can conquer difficulties and create a fulfilling life for themselves and their children.

2.  Adunni Ade

Nollywood actress Adunni Ade shines brightly not just on screen, but also as a single mother of two sons. While she’s tight-lipped about the specifics, she chose to prioritize her children’s well-being over an unhappy relationship. Adunni openly embraces the term “parent” instead of “single parent,” highlighting her dedication to raising her boys without negativity. She’s a vocal advocate for single mothers, defying societal pressures and inspiring many with her strength and resilience. Juggling a demanding acting career with single parenthood, Adunni Ade proves that mothers can have it all, redefining success on her terms.

3. Waje

Waje, the soulful voice of Nigeria, isn’t just a music powerhouse, but a single parent navigating the demanding world of entertainment alongside motherhood. She raised her daughter, Emerald, before finding national fame. Open about the challenges, Waje has become an inspiration for single mothers. Balancing her artistic passion with an unwavering love for her child, she proves that one can excel in the music industry while nurturing a strong family bond. Waje’s story resonates with fans, showcasing the strength and resilience it takes to be a single parent in the spotlight.

 4. Tiwa Savage

Afrobeat queen Tiwa Savage isn’t just a musical powerhouse, she’s also a single parent navigating the demanding world of entertainment while raising her son. Openly discussing the challenges of single parenthood, she’s become a role model for many, particularly aspiring mothers in the music industry. Tiwa defies stereotypes, proving motherhood doesn’t hinder success. She balances a thriving career with an unwavering love for her child, inspiring fans with her strength, resilience, and dedication to both her music and her family.

 5. Mercy Aigbe

Mercy Aigbe, a celebrated Nigerian actress, has navigated the demanding path of single parenthood for over 17 years. Raising two children on her own, she has balanced the constant hustle of the film industry with the unwavering love and support for her family. Aigbe hasn’t shied away from the challenges, even advocating for single mothers facing societal pressures. Through her resilience and determination, she has emerged as a role model for many, proving that motherhood and a thriving career can beautifully coexist.

6. Tonto Dikeh

Nigerian actress Tonto Dikeh is a vocal advocate for single mothers. After her publicized separation in 2017, she openly embraced single parenthood to her son, King Andre. Dikeh has redefined motherhood in the entertainment industry, raising Andre as both “Mama” and “Papa.” She uses her platform to empower other single parents, sharing the challenges and triumphs of raising a child solo. Despite a demanding acting career, Dikeh prioritizes her son, demonstrating that love and dedication are the cornerstones of a successful single-parent household.


These six Nigerian celebrities are more than just entertainers. They are strong, independent women who are redefining the narrative of single parenthood. They inspire not just with their talent but also with their unwavering dedication to their children, proving that one can excel in the demanding world of entertainment while creating a loving and supportive home. Their stories resonate with millions, offering hope, strength, and a message of empowerment for single parents everywhere.

Written by: Sarah Aboje


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