#57: Some Say There Has Been An Improvement With PHCN. How Is Power In Your Location? Comment With Your Location And Tell Us How Many Hours In A Day You Get Power.


Let us know if power has improved as touted in some quarters. Send us details of light availability in your area. 

Drop comments below. 


  1. I live in Karu-Abuja. In my area there is great noticeable improvement in electricity supply. We are now sure of the supply for not less than 12 hours in a day. The better part is that you are sure of when it will come and when it will go. So you can plan very well. We pray that this be sustained and improved upon.

    I was in Ondo State during the holidays too. To my surprise my town Oka that did not have electricity supply for many years at all, now have supply for upwards of 20 hours per day. Credible!

    APC well done o! Indeed we are moving with you to the NEXT LEVEL!


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