5 Reasons Why GRAND SQUARE PLAZA has the Best Chicken Salad In Abuja.




For lovers of salad who live in Abuja, you will agree that it is difficult to get a very good place that serves one. Apart from the cleanliness of the venue, how neat the members of staff are is also very important. Forget all the hype of the so-called big hotels, they all suck.

I have been in Abuja for a while and getting a good plate of Salad to devour has been harder than the proverbial Camel passing through the eye of a needle.

One day while strolling through the aisles in Grand Square, I found out they have a café where they sell salad.

Now, if you are not into salad, you may not understand. Eating Grand Square salad is out of this world. Her are 5 reasons why:


  1. The place is very neat and secluded: When you get to Grand Square, you will appreciate entering a grocery store. The place is neat and very well organized. The eating area is a place you will not just eat but also relax.


  1. Workers are very courteous: Now, I am a sticker for effective and efficient customer service. There are some ‘big’ places in Nigeria with very terrible customer service. From entry to exit, customer service in Grand Square is top notch.


  1. Salad mix is on point: Somehow, the way they mix the salad with the ‘orisirisi’ is just on point. You have the adequate amount of chicken with cream and some sliced bread on the side. Now here is the thing…..the give consideration to whether you want cream on the side or in the mix. Another thing that works for me is the fact they wear gloves to prepare the stuff. I remember rejecting grilled chicken in a big store in Abuja just because the guy used his bare hands. Do I know where those hands have been?


  1. Minimal noise: Usually when you go to some eateries, they are like a soccer stadium. You are there eating jeje and someone is shouting “Referee blow, Referee blow now” over your head because the guy is watching Man U vs Arsenal. In Grand Square, come and eat and go. Shikena.


  1. Babes wey dey come there na die! To be honest, there is nothing like eating your best meal and seeing fine babes as you swallow it. I have seen babes but the ones that come to Grand Square have this swag about them. Anyway, you must see to believe.


I may see another joint next week but when next you see me, I may still be telling you about Grand Square Salad!

Written by Akinjay.



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