5 Nigerian Actors Whose Children Are Into Instagram Comedy


Nigerian cinema has produced a wealth of talent, with actors who have not only entertained audiences on the big screen but also passed on their legacy to the next generation. In the realm of Instagram comedy, several Nigerian actors’ children have stepped into the limelight, blending traditional acting prowess with the modern-day humour of social media platforms. Let’s delve into the lives and careers of seven Nigerian actors whose children have made a mark in the world of Instagram comedy in this article compiled by Naijassador.

1. Temilade Kosoko

Jide Kosoko, a legend in Nollywood, has passed the baton to his daughter, Temilade Kosoko. Known for her appearances in Instagram skits alongside popular figures like Mr Macaroni and Sydney Talker, Temilade has also graced the screen in several Yoruba movies. Her ability to blend traditional acting with modern-day social media comedy has made her a rising star in the industry.

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2. Ridwan Adebayo (BaeU Barbie)

Kamal Adebayo, a veteran of the Yoruba film scene, may have taken a step back from acting, but his legacy continues through his son, Ridwan Adebayo, known as BaeU Barbie. With his creative content, Ridwan has gained recognition and a significant following on Instagram, showcasing his talent for humour and entertainment.

3. Yemi Elesho

Adewale Adeoye, better known as Elesho, is renowned for his comic relief roles in Nigerian movies. His son, Yemi Elesho, has become a notable figure in the comedy scene, particularly on Instagram. Yemi’s performances in Nollywood films and his comedic skits have earned him a reputation as a talented entertainer.

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4. Shakira Taiwo (Ogogo’s daughter)

Taiwo Hassan, affectionately known as Ogogo, is a name synonymous with excellence in the Yoruba movie industry. His daughter, Shakira Hassan, known for her skits on Instagram, has collaborated with comedians like Oluwadolarz and BaeU. Shakira’s foray into the entertainment industry includes roles in numerous Yoruba movies, proving her versatility as an actress and comedian.

5. Eyiyemi Afolayan (Kunle Afolayan’s daughter)

Eyiyemi Afolayan is the daughter of the famous filmmaker, Kunle Afolayan. She is a captivating Nigerian actress who has quickly become a force to be reckoned with in the Nollywood scene. Her captivating presence and undeniable talent have garnered her a loyal following and promising role. Eyiyemi’s career began with a brief description of how she started acting, e.g., a captivating performance in a school play, a viral social media video. Although she is an actress, she has also ventured into skit-making and appearing in some Instagram funny videos with fellow young stars.

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The emergence of these talented individuals on Instagram showcases the evolving landscape of Nigerian entertainment. Through their creativity, humour, and ability to connect with a digital audience, they are not only carrying forward their parents’ legacy but also carving out their distinct paths in the comedy scene. As Instagram continues to be a platform for diverse voices and comedic expression, we can expect to see more of these rising stars delight audiences with their wit and talent in years to come.

Written by Sarah Aboje


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