5 Biggest Beefs in Nigeria’s Entertainment Industry in 2024


As the year kicked off, the Nigerian entertainment industry was not just about chart-topping hits and blockbuster movies; it also became a battleground for some of the most talked-about celebrity disputes. 

From January to March 2024, the airwaves and social media buzzed with tales of confrontations among Nigeria’s finest in music, cinema, and beyond. 

These clashes, ranging from personal fallouts to heated professional rivalries, not only dominated headlines but also sparked intense debates about the role of celebrities in shaping cultural narratives. 

This article will go into the drama and discussions that have defined the Nigerian pop culture scene this year 2024.

1. Femi Adebayo and Dayo Amusa

In March 2024, the Nigerian film scene witnessed a contentious exchange between Nollywood actors Dayo Amusa and Femi Adebayo. 

The dispute ignited over the “Best Dressed Female” award at the “Beast of Two Worlds” movie premiere, which was given to Bobrisky, a male crossdresser.

Amusa publicly expressed her dissatisfaction on Instagram, criticizing the event’s organizers and Adebayo, who served as a judge. 

Adebayo responded by advising Amusa to focus on her career rather than detracting from his successes, suggesting that envy was at the heart of her discontent.

2. Bobrisky and Portable

In March, a public spat unfolded between the controversial figures Portable and Bobrisky following an award ceremony. 

Portable criticized the decision to award Bobrisky, a transwoman, the “Best-Dressed Female Award” at the “Beast of Two Worlds” movie premiere. 

Bobrisky responded by disparaging Portable and advising him to steer clear of her matters. 

In a fiery response, Portable released a diss track titled “Brotherhood,” further fueling the controversy.


3.  Burna Boy and Eedris Abdulkareem

In a heated exchange on the Honest Bunch podcast in February, Abdulkareem criticized Burna Boy’s statement that no one paved the way for him in the music industry, dismissing it as “stupid talk.” 

Burna Boy reacted strongly on X (formerly Twitter), harshly addressing Abdulkareem and criticizing those who supported him financially. 

His controversial post was quickly deleted after attracting significant attention on the platform.

4. Tiwa Savage and Davido

Just nine days into the new year, Tiwa Savage took a significant legal step by filing a petition against fellow artist Davido. 

She accused him of making threats over her connections with his baby mama, Sophia Momodu.

In the petition, dated January 9, 2024, Savage detailed that Davido had threatened and harassed her, advising her to tread carefully in her professional dealings within Lagos.

5. Wizkid and Davido

The clash between Wizkid and Davido escalated after Wizkid posted a leaked video showing Davido in a vulnerable state, crying and pleading with a woman for s£x. 

This provocative move by Wizkid was aimed at igniting his fans’ eagerness for new music, instructing them to plead with him as Davido did in the video. 

This didn’t sit well with Davido, and his response to this post has intensified the situation, leading to a widespread superiority battle and even resulting in conflicts among their fans.


As we finish the first part of 2024 in Nigerian entertainment, it’s obvious that the fights and problems among celebrities are a big part of what makes the industry interesting. 

These conflicts can entertain and involve people, but they also show important things about who has power, how artists stay true to themselves, and what being famous does to relationships.

Fans keep watching their favorite stars go through highs and lows, showing that Nigerian entertainment is just as exciting off-camera as it is on-screen or on-stage.


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