Larry Izamoje is the Chairman/CEO of Brila FM, the first and only Sports radio station in Africa and I have always been a big fan of his. Back in the 90s, I remember listening to his 15 minutes program in the mornings first on OGBC and then CoolFM. I also remember watching him on Friday evenings (I think) on MITV, talking sports.

I always admired his means of conveying his sports message and how he made some of my friends fall in love with sports but more importantly, I admired his entrepreneurial spirit. He always talked fast and whenever I get the chance to listen to his staff on radio, I hear the ‘Big Larry’ in them. Big Larry should be the entrepreneur every young Nigerian should aspire to look up to. He has managed to continue to hold his own in the world of sports journalism.

Here are 5 things young people should learn from him:

  1. Little beginnings matter:

I remember listening to Larry for 15 mins every morning. Just 15 minutes. That is what has turned into a radio station. Larry has taught that consistency pays. In 15 mins, he went round the world of sports and we were always glued to our radio sets. For some of us, those were the most important 15 minutes of our day. 

People will always listen to you when you have something of value. Larry delivered value in 15 minutes.


  1. There Is Always A price to pay for Success:

To think that he went to Ogun state from Lagos just to have a 15-minute program was beyond me.  It will only take determination to do that.

There is always a price to pay for success but not everyone is ready to commit to it.


  1. People are watching (listening) to you

There was a story told by Larry on one of his shows about how armed robbers attacked him on his way to Abeokuta to give the breakfast show when it still aired on OGBC. He said as they harassed him, he shouted “ Abeg, abeg, na me Larry Izamoje, na me Larry. Please don’t hurt me”.  The armed robbers immediately recognized his voice and because they also always listened to him, he allowed him to go.

Your good works, no matter how little are affecting someone somewhere.


  1. Stick to what you know to do best:

Ever since I have been following Big Larry, he has always talked sports, nothing else. He has remained there and relevant. Who will not listen when he talks? You can try a lot of things but at the end of the day, stick to what you know best, grow and develop in it.

When you stick to one thing, you have more time to spend on it.


Larry Izamoje remains a Nigerian every aspiring entrepreneur should emulate.