4 Programs That Make Channels TV the No 1 TV Station In Nigeria.



Let’s face it, Channels TV is the closest thing to CNN, BBC or Aljazeera in Nigeria. In a country with numerous TV stations, Channels TV has consistently won the award for the best TV station of the year for the eleventh time. One will not be surprised if the award is permanently theirs.

From a very humble beginning, the station has continued to grow and expand its reach. This is not to say they do not have their challenges but they have demonstrated what it takes to continually be in the forefront when it comes to TV viewing in Nigeria.

            In our opinion, four programs stand Channels TV out from other stations. These are programs that have not only continued to inform people but have also generated quality discussions and have piqued the interests of Nigerians. They are:

  1. Sunrise Daily:

This is arguably the biggest breakfast show in Nigeria. With the trio of Chamberlain Usoh, Gimba Umar and of course Maupe Ogun, this morning show is almost a-must-watch for many Nigerians. What makes the show tick is not just the line of questioning and intelligent follow-ups but the quality of persons that come on air. Even though there a few glitches that need to be considered, Sunrise Daily remains a favorite for most TV viewers.


  1. Politics Today:

This program has gained a lot of followership because of intrigues in the Nigerian politics. Hosted by the ever amiable Seun Okinbaloye, Politics Today has become a must watch if you want to hear it from ‘the horse’s mouth’. This program in a way allows people involved in any tangle come on air to give their own side of the story (which may not necessarily be true).


  1. Face-Off:

This program is very interesting. it involves two people giving different opinions on a matter. It is not necessarily watched because of what those facing off have to say but to see the level of passion they show when arguing their case. It is supposed to be an interactive program but some of them have almost resulted to fisticuffs.


  1. News At 10.

We may not be able to categorically confirm whether Channels News at 10 has taken over NTA Network News as the most watched News program but we can say Channels News At 10 is holding its own. Maybe one of the reasons why people watch it, apart from the news delivery and analysis, is the fact that some real pictures sent by Nigerians are shown with credit given to them. Also, there is a community service slot where real issues with people are discussed, places visited and feedback usually received.


Channels TV can only get better with the current trend of broadcasting.


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