2019 Elections: Can Fela Durotoye hold his own?



       In recent times, the name Fela Durotoye is being bandied as a possible contender in next year’s presidential elections. He was recently on a popular TV station talking about leadership and governance.

       While he may be known in the circles of intellectuals and the ‘exposed’ so many people think Fela is a political neophyte. Not know with any major political party, many think Fela’s chances of becoming the next Nigerian president may be an uphill task.

       A motivational speaker, teacher, and devout Christian, not a few think a contest that may have a sitting president, two former governors, a current governor is dead on arrival.

       With all that is happening in Nigeria and the need for fresh ideas in the polity, do you think Fela can hold his own?

Let's discuss. 


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