10 Nigerian Celebrity Marriages Under The Rock


Nigeria’s vibrant entertainment scene is filled with powerful couples whose love stories captured the hearts of fans. However, not all fairytales have happy endings. Through the eyes of Naijassador, here’s a closer look at 10 Nigerian celebrity marriages that dissolved, leaving fans both surprised and saddened.

1. Funke Akindele and Abdulrasheed Bello (JJC)

Funke Akindele and Abdulrasheed Bello, better known as JJC Skillz, were once Nigeria’s golden couple. Their 2016 wedding united a beloved Nollywood actress with a successful musician-filmmaker. On-screen chemistry translated into real-life affection, endearing them to fans. However, their seemingly perfect union came to a halt in 2022 with a low-key announcement citing “irreconcilable differences.” Despite the split, they surprised fans again in 2023 by reuniting professionally to direct and co-produce a movie.

2. Paul Okoye (P-Square) and Anita Okoye

Paul Okoye, one-half of the famous Nigerian music duo P-Square, was married to Anita Okoye, a lawyer and entrepreneur. Their relationship was a notable part of Nigeria’s entertainment scene, with fans admiring their love story and family life. Anita Okoye, known for her elegance and business savvy, has been involved in various ventures, including founding Tannk Co, a children’s clothing line. The couple’s marriage faced public scrutiny at times, including rumours of discord and reconciliation. Despite challenges, they shared a bond centered around their children and mutual respect for careers. In 2021, news of their separation saddened fans, signalling the end of an era for the once-beloved celebrity couple. Their entrepreneurial pursuits continue to thrive individually, showcasing their resilience and determination in navigating personal and professional challenges.

3. Basketmouth (Bright Okpocha) and Elsie Okpocha

Basketmouth, the renowned Nigerian comedian, and Elsie Okpocha’s love story ended in December 2022 after twelve years of marriage. Their split came as a surprise to fans as there was little public indication of trouble. While they share three children, the exact reasons behind the separation remain private. Basketmouth himself clarified it wasn’t a publicity stunt and emphasized that their focus remains on co-parenting and ensuring their children’s well-being. Though their paths have diverged, their time together and contributions to Nigerian entertainment won’t be forgotten.

4. Korra Obidi and Justin Dean

Korra Obidi, a Nigerian dancer, musician, and fitness enthusiast, was previously married to Justin Dean, an American chiropractor and fitness coach. Their relationship garnered attention due to their shared passion for fitness, dance, and social media presence. Korra Obidi, known for her energetic dance routines and music career, often showcased her life with Justin Dean on various platforms, including YouTube and Instagram.

Their union was celebrated by fans, especially for breaking cultural barriers with their interracial relationship. They welcomed a daughter together, June Dean, in 2019, adding to their family’s joy and public interest. However, in 2021, news of their separation surfaced, surprising many followers who had admired their seemingly happy marriage.

5. Oritsefemi and Nabila Fash

Oritsefemi, a Nigerian singer and songwriter, was once in a high-profile relationship with Nabila Fash, a businesswoman and former beauty queen. Their romance captivated fans, with many admiring their public displays of affection and glamorous appearances together. Nabila Fash, known for her elegance and fashion sense, supported Oritsefemi’s music career while pursuing her ventures in business and beauty. Their relationship, however, faced its share of challenges, including public disputes and rumours of infidelity. Despite these issues, the couple remained committed to each other for several years, tying the knot in a lavish ceremony in 2017. Sadly, in 2021, news of their separation surfaced, leaving fans surprised and saddened.

The reasons behind their split were not extensively publicized, highlighting the complexities of maintaining relationships in the public eye. Oritsefemi, a popular musician, and Nabila Fash’s 2017 marriage lasted only a few years before ending in allegations and counter-allegations playing out in the press.

6. Kaffy (Kafayat Shafau) and Joseph Ameh

Kaffy, also known as Kafayat Shafau, is a renowned Nigerian dancer, choreographer, and fitness instructor. She was previously married to Joseph Ameh, a drummer and member of the music group P-Square’s band. Their relationship garnered attention due to Kaffy’s prominence in the entertainment industry and Joseph’s association with a popular musical act. The couple’s marriage, which produced two children, showcased a blend of artistic talent and personal commitment. Kaffy’s dance prowess and Joseph’s musical contributions added a creative dimension to their public persona. However, in 2018, news of their separation emerged, marking the end of their union. The reasons behind their split were not extensively disclosed, respecting their privacy amidst public curiosity.

7. Julius Agwu and Ibiere

Julius Agwu, a well-known Nigerian comedian, and Ibiere Maclayton were once a married couple. Their union lasted over 15 years but ended in a confirmed separation in 2022. The couple faced challenges after Agwu’s battle with a brain tumour in 2015. While Ibiere received praise for her support during his illness, their journey ultimately led to divorce. Agwu stated in an interview that his wife simply said she was “tired” and wished to leave the marriage. The specific reasons behind the split remain unclear, with some speculating about the toll on Agwu’s health or potential financial strain. Despite the unfortunate ending, both Julius Agwu and Ibiere have moved forward in their separate lives.

8. Tonto Dikeh and Olakunle Churchill

Tonto Dikeh and Olakunle Churchill were a whirlwind romance in Nigerian pop culture. Their 2015 marriage, fueled by a whirlwind courtship and a son born shortly after, captivated fans. However, the fairy tale soured in 2017 with a very public divorce. Since then, their relationship has been a contentious one, marked by accusations and lawsuits. Dikeh has been vocal about alleged wrongdoings by Churchill, while he has attempted to counter her claims and focus on fatherhood. Despite their ongoing feud, they are tethered by their child, keeping the drama simmering just below the surface.

9. Do2dtun (Kayode Ojuolape Oladotun) and Omotayo Oladotun

Do2dtun, a popular Nigerian personality, and Omotayo Oladotun were once a married couple. Their relationship ended in a very public divorce in 2023. Omotayo filed for divorce citing emotional abuse, forced abortion and domestic violence. Do2dtun denied these allegations. The controversy heightened when Do2dtun involved the authorities in an attempt to gain access to their two daughters. Court documents showed a judge granted them shared custody. Both sides made accusations through social media regarding their access to the children. The last update in October 2023 showed Omotayo asserting that Do2dtun did have access and that their daughters’ privacy should be respected.

10. Nedu and Uzoamaka Ohiri 

Nedu, a popular Nigerian comedian and radio personality, was previously married to Uzoamaka Ohiri, a fashion designer and entrepreneur. Their relationship garnered attention due to his public persona and comedic exploits, while Uzoamaka maintained a relatively private profile. The couple’s marriage faced challenges, including rumours of infidelity and disputes that occasionally played out in the public eye. Despite these issues, they shared a bond as parents to their children and worked to navigate their relationship through ups and downs. In 2021, news of their separation surfaced, marking the end of their marriage. The reasons for their split were not extensively discussed publicly, respecting their privacy amid the media spotlight.


The dissolution of these celebrity marriages sheds light on the complexities and challenges faced not only by public figures but also by couples in general. Despite the glamour and adoration that come with fame, relationships are susceptible to the same struggles that affect everyday people. While the public may be curious about the reasons behind these splits, it’s essential to remember that these are deeply personal matters that deserve discretion and empathy. Ultimately, the experiences of these celebrity couples serve as reminders of the fragility of relationships and the necessity of nurturing communication, understanding, and mutual respect to sustain long-lasting partnerships, whether in the spotlight or out of it.

Written by: Sarah Aboje


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