10 Most Followed Nigerian Celebrities On Instagram


Nigeria is well-known for its vibrant entertainment scene, but its stars don’t just shine on screen or stage – they are also the masters of the social media universe. The following is a list of the top 10 most followed Nigerian celebrities curated by Naijassador, who keep their fans connected and entertained on terms of various platforms.

Davido (29.1 million followers)

Davido, is the reigning king of Afrobeats on social media with over 29.1 million followers on Instagram. This energetic singer, performer, and philanthropist has been Nigeria’s most followed celebrity for several years. Davido, whether filming family life or performing his favourite hits, finds a way to make fans smile. His social media presence is a mix of music, charity, and family photos that have earned him a place as a national sweetheart.

Yemi Alade (17.9 million followers)

At a close distance, the sassy “African pop diva” Yemi Alade is recently surpassing the numbers at just over 17.9 million followers on Instagram. With her funky music, vigorous dance moves, and spectacular appearance, Yemi Alade promotes Afrobeats in the international scene. Yemi Alade’s social media presence, which widely broadcasts African culture, music, and unique personality, is a spectrum of visually attractive posts and stories celebrating music, style, and Africa.

Funke Akindele (16.7 million followers)

Funke Akindele, or “Jenifa” as she is popularly called from her iconic comedic role is an actress, producer, and director powerhouse. She has over 16.7 million followers on Instagram. Funke’s social is a subtle blend of humour, peeks behind the scenes of her work, and motivational messages.

Tiwa Savage (18.6 million followers)

Tiwa Savage, the “Queen of Afrobeats” dominates singing stages around the world with her enchanting tone and entertaining performances. With over 18.6 million followers on Instagram alone, she is a social powerhouse. She shares peeks of her glamorous lifestyle, music projects, and advocacy efforts, enabling Tiwa to promote African culture and inspire fans around the globe. She has it all, from chart-topping tunes to cutting-edge fashion. Tiwa is a true Afrobeats powerhouse, winning over audiences with her spectacular sound and style.

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Wizkid (18.5 million followers)

Wizkid, whose real name is Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, is essentially the supreme leader of Nigerian music. At 11, he began his trip and has since grown successful with his vocal sound and appealing songs, a mix of Afrobeats, Afropop, and R&B. His collaboration with Drake, such as “One Dance,” which dominated the charts, boosted his international fame. Wizkid is as cool as the sunglasses he dons in his posters, with a social media persona to match. With over 18.5 million followers, Wizkid is not just a musical powerhouse, but a social media influencer with a global audience.

AY (13.3 million followers)

Ayo Makun, commonly known as AY, is one of Nigeria’s multi-talented entertainers. A comedian, actor, writer, director, and producer, he has established himself as a force to reckon with in the industry. AY began his career as a renowned comedian recognized for his funny skits and incessant jokes about national issues. He is also the mastermind behind the popular comedy “AY Live” and has produced multiple blockbuster films. AY is not just a jokester as he is also a businessman the CEO of Corporate World Entertainment and a UN Peace Ambassador. As a master of social media who keeps over 13 million followers laughing, his personality goes beyond comedy to sharing jokes and his lifestyle.

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Ini Edo (14.1 million followers)

Grace and talent are two concepts familiar with the name Ini Edo, the Nollywood A-lister. She has a whopping 14.1 million followers on Instagram because she is more than a breathtaking actress – she is a fashion icon. Her social media is a reflection of the same. Admirers see bits of her life sprinkled with glamour but also have the privilege of watching her lift up-and-coming stars and charitable endeavours. An award-winning performer and a fabulous Nollywood smart beauty.

Peter Okoye (Mr. P) (12.4 million followers)

Mr. P, whose real name is Peter Okoye, is a singer from Nigeria. Together with his identical twin Paul, who later became known as Rudeboy P-Square, he joined the duo P-Square. Initially, he was fascinated by music in the school drama club, Peter and Paul started as dancers. In the 2000s, they dominated the Afrobeats scene both by dancing and hit songs. P and Rudeboy occasionally hinted to their fans at their imminent return to the music market, but Mr. P remained a dancer. On social media, however, he has managed to maintain the audience’s interest with his stunning dance moves, family, and music. Just his Instagram account has 12.4 million followers.

Don Jazzy (15.4 million followers)

Don Jazzy – real name Michael Ajereh – is a Nigerian music powerhouse. The 39-year-old has 15.4 million followers on Instagram and a large social media cult following thanks to his sense of humour and obsession with fast food. However, his biggest achievements remain in the background. The founder of Mavin Records is a hit maker with an impressive amount of Afrobeats anthems to his resume and dozens of successful artists launched into the stratosphere – his list includes Tiwa Savage and Rema. Don Jazzy is not so much a tastemaker as a kingmaker in the dynamic reality of Nigerian music.

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Mercy Johnson (14.6 million followers)

Mercy Johnson Okojie is a name that is synonymous with Nigerian sweetness, the actress film producer, and director. The actress was born in 1984 and gained international fame after “The Maid.” Her smile and great roles in films such as “Live to Remember” and “War in the Palace” made her a local sweetheart. Not only acting talent but also Mercy Johnson proved her talent and other behind-the-scenes abilities. Family, husband and caring mother of four, actively use social networks to maintain the closeness of fans. The beneficiary works and Mercy Johnson is happily married and kind to four children. With over 14.6 million Instagram subscribers, she still opens the list of influencers and loved ones of Nigerian filmmakers.


These are just a few of the many social media personalities in Nigeria. These celebrities use their influence to reach out to their followers, exhibit their skills, and put out encouraging messages. They are more than actors or entertainers, but social media queens and kings who reach out to, influence, and inspire millions of their fans across the world.


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