Dangote’s wealth and power is about to go to another level

Someone had asked me why Dangote is going into refining crude oil, when the demand for fossil fuels seems to be waning.

I’d asked the same question earlier, till I realized that besides PMS, Diesel, Kerosene, etc, the several other byproducts like Bitumen, Asphalt, Fibers, Polymers, Fertilizers, Chemicals etc that also come from the refining of crude create enormous industries, and consequently enormous money. I mean crazy money.

There is sooooooo much more to crude than just petrol, diesel, kero and gas. (Selah)

Of course Africa is still going to use fossil fuels for a while to come.

To think that as a nation, we’ve been daft enough to have been exporting our crude, only to buy back the finished products, instead of making our refineries work is plain sickening.(Selah again)

You can’t imagine the jobs, the businesses, the development and the wealth that we would’ve produced as a result. ( Selah again again)

Would’ve posted all the byproducts and their attendant industries here, but y’all ain’t interested in that on a beautiful Saturday morning.

Those interested should ask Google.

The Koch brothers are both the 8th richest men in the world today, each worth $48.3 billion dollars.

How did they build the bulk of their wealth? Oya go and google too!
Okay lemme help you out, through opportunities surrounding crude oil.😀

Since the government failed to cash in, one smart Nigerian businessman has decided to. Good for him!

There are some obvious lessons to be learned from this, but some, not so obvious!

Share your thoughts in the comments section. Thanks & Good morning.

Joshua Amotsuka
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