Of Big Churches and Their Break-away Pastors, What is the Problem?

What is really happening in Christendom these days? Many pastors and their churches have been in the news for the wrong reasons in the past few weeks.

For a long time, we had the tithing issue to fight over, and then we had the drama of sexual allegations, counter allegations, apologies, and retractions.

According to The Punch Newspaper,  there is the story of a Pastor, Rev Isaac Adeyemi, who left Foursquare Gospel Church in Ikorodu to start his own ministry, Embrace International Assembly. However, they were locked out of service today by fierce looking policemen.

When asked, he said it was the handiwork of Foursquare church. When approached, the spokesman for the Foursquare church said it was the courts the sealed the church as Rev Adeyemi was kicked out of the church and then decided to change the name and documents belonging to Foursquare to the name of his new ministry.

Truth is that this is all a mess. Someone is obviously not being truthful, and this does not speak well of these pastors.

If you are leaving a ministry, ensure you leave with everything intact, sign all documents for your release and live happily ever after abi kini gbgbo eleyi gan?


Written by Samuel Ojediran.



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